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Technology Solutions for Hotels and Resorts

Critical in the hospitality industry is the ability to make sure that every potential guest room remains successfully operating and available to guests.

Full occupancy maximizes revenue for the hotelier.

Striving for 100% Room Availability

When the hotelier is aware of technical issues, room inventory is decreased until the proper maintenance is performed. When the hotelier is not aware of an issue, it’s even worse, as malfunctioning systems inhibit the guest experience and create negative guest reviews.

Proactive monitoring of systems prevents maintenance issues from affecting the guest experience and enables the hotelier to efficiently maintain all systems in the most cost-effective manner.

Corserva understands. We partner with you to deploy the next generation technology solutions that will create positive reviews while reducing your operating expenses. We can install and support standalone technology solutions that work within your existing infrastructure and can be upgraded in the future. We can also integrate multiple technologies to increase profitability and guest satisfaction.

Hospitality IT Services

Corserva provides the hospitality IT support that hoteliers need to invest in the correct technologies that will lead to increased revenue, an elevated guest experience, and reduced expenses. Corserva can procure, install, and integrate your technology systems, including electronic access controls, enterprise-grade WiFi, energy management, smart TVs, content casting, digital signage, and more.

Access Controls

RFID standalone and online capable guest room and back of house solutions, including Zigbee and BluNet technology


Offer high-speed, gigabit Wi-Fi across your entire property

Smart TVs

Provide your guests with a personalized in-room experience that makes them feel right at home

Content Casting

Let your guests securely stream their own content using their personal devices

Digital Signage

Drive new opportunities for guest engagement with tailored content and high-quality displays

Energy Management

Standalone and networked fully integrated thermostats with automatic and remote online control

Point of Sale

Streamline the guest payment experience and deliver a convenient, consistent service that your guests expect


Seamless and effortless cloud-based communications that reduce cost and increase uptime
Turn your guests into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

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We found a great partner in Corserva. Their team was available when we needed, worked hard and were very responsive during the installation of our access control system.

John Estabrook, Director of Security @ The Lenox Hotel

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