Property owners at hospitality companies are looking for ways to differentiate their properties from the competition. One way is through technology. In today’s environment where smartphones are prevalent, mobile access presents new opportunities for driving business to your hotel. Improvements can be achieved in both guest experiences and in hotel operations, a win-win for hotel operators.

The most important purpose of a hotel’s entry system is to provide a convenient, comfortable, safe, and secure experience for guests throughout their stay. Participants within the hospitality industry are seeking ways to remain competitive and deliver the optimal guest experience.

Looking at the Issues

If your current entry system and its processes have created a less-than-ideal experience for your guests, and you are considering upgrading to an electronic access control system, ask yourself the following questions to uncover the underlying issues you are facing.

1. Have you had any recent breaches in security that have affected your business?

Security breaches can take many forms. In addition to the headline-grabbing incidents of ransomware attacks and phishing scams, hotels can suffer from lost and misplaced keys occurring accidentally as well as when a disgruntled employee quits.

2. What has been the cost of lost keys in the last year?

If a card is reported lost, you should be able to disable that card from being used to access the property. If someone tries to use a disabled card, they should be denied access. By leveraging mobile apps, hotels can further reduce the cost of all keys by enabling staff and guests to use their smartphones as a key.

3. What visibility do you have of the people who use your site?

At any given time, you should be able to see exactly who is on the property and exactly where they are. When staff work assignments change, you should be able to modify their access to the property based on schedules. Likewise, you should be able to modify guests’ access when their check-in and check-out dates change, without the need for manual re-keying.

4. What percentage of your doors can you control electronically?

Ideally, you should be able to control all access points with real-time, two-way encrypted communication between wireless locks and a software platform managed by hotel staff.

5. How long does it take to change individual access rights?

Time spent on operations means less time your staff can interact with guests. Your staff should be able to change access points, dates of access, and room assignments seamlessly for guests.

6. Does your current system enable you to perform audit trails?

Your system should keep a log for each lock not only for security reasons but also to facilitate maintenance. Changes made within the software should also be logged, down to the user level.

7. Does your hotel access control system support the aesthetics of your property?

The design and quality of your door locks and methods of access should complement and enhance your property, not detract from it. Access should be secure and seamless for guests. Like your hotel, access points should be beautiful, not clunky.

8. Is your access control system integrated with any other contact less technologies?

You should be able to control all access and guest management needs with one wire-free, easy-to-use system. To optimize the guest experience, the technology in place should enable guests to move seamlessly from the hotel lobby to the elevators, guest room, fitness center, swimming pool, spa, and any other amenities on the property in a wire-free environment.

9. How easily can you add new access points or users to your system? What are the costs associated with doing so?

Changes to a system can impact the effectiveness of daily operations including guest room turnover. You should be able to easily add and delete new users (staff and guests) from the system. Electronic keys should be managed online and changes to guest check-in and check-out dates should be handled readily.

10. How easy is it to integrate your existing access control system with other systems?

Ideally you should be able to connect your building’s access control system with other third-party systems for property management, point-of-sale, CCTV, parking, license plate recognition, bio-metrics, fire alarm, and physical security information management systems.

Gain Visibility into Your Property

You can add value to your hotel by providing security in a reliable wire-free environment 24/7, covering management of the entire property.

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