Access Control Integrations

Control energy-consumption and improve the guest experience

Integrations based on entry and exit

With today’s electronic door locking systems you can control other systems within a hotel room and throughout a property. Unlike motion detection systems (which can be less useful when people are lying still or sleeping), access control systems can definitively pinpoint which rooms are occupied and where specific people are.

You can integrate access control systems with other systems in a hotel or resort such as thermostats, lights, and window treatments. By doing so, energy-consuming systems within an unoccupied room can be turned off or turned down.

This cost savings is realized through the wireless capabilities of access control systems, which captures the information on which rooms are occupied or not. This is the mechanism used to turn off or down systems within a guest room.

By upgrading to an advanced electronic physical system for access, you gain the ability to integrate your other systems, even future systems you may not currently have.

Access control

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Triggering Systems with Access Control

Access control

Access control provides the trigger for the other systems in a room. When a guest enters a guest room, the systems in the room turn on and when the guest exits, the systems turn off. For example:


When a guest enters, the lights turn on, the temperature is adjusted to a comfortable setting, and the television turns on at a low volume


When a guest exits, the lights turn off, the temperature is adjusted to a lower temperature (in cold climates) or a higher temperature (in warm climates), and the television turns off

You can customize a delay upon room exit of 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or something else before the systems adjust automatically.

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By investing in a robust electronic access control system, you can start reducing your operating costs immediately. Once you have a future-proof system for access control, you can then integrate your energy management, as well as other systems such as in-room control systems and in-room lighting to decrease operating expenses. Moving forward, you will have the capacity to integrate other systems you may not even have today.


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