Visit Corserva’s Concept Center in Orlando, Florida and learn how next generation technologies can benefit your hotel or resort.

Hospitality Technology In Action

You can experience the latest technology in hospitality specific settings by visiting Corserva’s Concept Center in Orlando, Florida.

The Concept Center is a working showcase with flexible configurations built to represent various use cases common in the hospitality industry including front desk guest registration, guest rooms, restaurants, and retail stores.

See for yourself the types of experiences you can deliver to your guests with technology, as well as the cost saving advantages.

If you’d like to see exactly how multiple technologies can be integrated to provide energy savings, reduced operating expenses, and an unparalleled guest experience, we invite you to visit Corserva’s Concept Center.


Areas of Focus

Our focus is to solve business challenges and increase guest satisfaction in the hospitality industry using the latest technologies

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Any technology investment requires integration testing with your legacy applications to ensure systems will function as expected. The Concept Center is a vehicle for proof of concept where our clients can see exactly how a planned technology purchase will function when deployed.