Content Casting

Let Guests Stream Their Own Content from Their Own Devices

Content casting

It’s How Your Guests Expect to Watch

Today’s guests carry a world of content in the palm of their hands.  With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Spotify, Showtime, ESPN and hundreds more apps, they access their favorite content at anytime and at any place on their mobile devices.

What if there was an easy and secure way for your guests to stream their personal content directly to their guest room TV?

Meet RoomCast

Roomcast is an in-room, all-in-one content streaming box for guest rooms.  It is simply added to your existing TV system.  

Content casting

Easy Installation

Roomcast was developed for easy and secure setup.  It requires no servers, no software, and no contracts.

Roomcast is a streaming solution that works side-by-side with any existing in-room TV system.  The solutions does not required head-end equipment and includes a secure 802.11 wireless access point which is activated on-demand, generating a unique WPA pass code displayed to the guest on the TV.  It’s easy; just plug it in to your existing TVs and let your guests start streaming.

Simple For Your Guests

With one press of a button, guests bring up Roomcast on the TV and easily join it’s secure private WiFi.  Once connected, guests can stream any of their cast enabled apps on their TV by tapping the Cast button.

Step 1: Connect to the in-room network through your TV

Content casting

Step 2: Open your favorites apps

Content casting

Step 3: Tap the Cast button to stream to your TV

Content casting

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Chromecast is the easiest way to get content from a mobile device to the TV

Bluetooth Connectivity

Let guests enjoy music and audio streaming with Bluetooth from any app including Apple Music on their laptop, phone or tablet

HDMI Media Hub

Allow guests to plugin their own consoles including Xbox, Playstation, and Fire Stick
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Why RoomCast?



Guests use their own mobile devices. Nothing to download and nothing new to learn. Simply “Join & Cast.”


Guest’s private information is never exposed and personal area network ensures content streaming is contained to each guest room.


All guests will be supported whether they use iOS or Android smartphones / tablets, or laptops with the Chrome browser.


Chromecast supports 1,000+ apps, 200,000 TV shows & movies, 30 million songs, plus radio, sports, games and more.
Content casting

What You Need To Get Started


Roomcast Hub

A streaming box that mounts behind a TV, or under or behind a desk

Roomcast Dial and Remote

Place at the nightstand, the desk, or next to the TV so guests can initially launch Roomcast

Existing Hotel TV

Simply plugin in Roomcast to your existing TV via HDMI

Guests' Mobile Device

iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets, and laptops with the Chrome browser

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