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Exceeding Guest Expectations

Luxury Hotels

Your guests expect the same level of connected experience they have at home when they are visiting your luxury hotel. Today’s visitors are carrying multiple mobile devices, which can exceed the capability of outdated network infrastructures. The technology that runs your luxury hotel should properly reflect the premium experience you provide to guests. At the same time, it is important that any new technology deployments work properly within your existing IT infrastructure.

Corserva can install and support cutting edge technology solutions that will elevate your brand and provide an unmatched experience for guests.

Hospitality IT services
Hospitality IT services


When embarking on a dream vacation at a high-end resort, guests expect strong WiFi that is available throughout your property, including all outside locations. Likewise, you want your staff to be able to meet customers where they are, instead of forcing guests to go to a designated area to pay for special amenities.

When you partner with Corserva, you gain technology solutions that support the mobile needs of guests and staff, including enterprise-quality wireless networks and point-of-sale solutions.

Corporate Hotels

Today’s world of the Internet of Things (IoT) offers the opportunity to leverage connected systems to decrease costs, increase profitability, and improve the guest experience. Examples include keyless entry and a streamlined check-in process that allows the guest to skip the front desk. Knowing which technologies to implement and managing a connected infrastructure can become difficult, especially when on-property staff members have multiple responsibilities in addition to IT. Corporate hotel chains that can most effectively take advantage of new technologies will gain a competitive advantage.

Corserva partners with you to design and implement technology solutions and provide ongoing nationwide support.

Hospitality IT services
Hospitality IT services

Boutique Hotels

Visitors to your boutique hotel are looking for a unique guest experience. Everything within the property should reflect your vision, including technology solutions such as electronic door locks, WiFi landing pages, smart TV personalization, thermostats, lighting, and more.

Corserva can provide you with customized technology solutions that fit the design and décor of your boutique hotel.

Assisted Living Facilities

Keeping elderly residents safe is of the utmost importance in assisted living facilities. There are technology solutions available that can improve resident care, yet there are also unique constraints present in this industry. The most exciting new technology will be of no benefit if it is not easy to use for staff, and seamless for aging residents.

Corserva can deploy and support technology solutions in assisted living facilities that will create positive guest reviews while reducing operating expenses.

Hospitality IT services
Hospitality IT services

Schools & Universities

In recent years, security has become a major concern for schools and universities. There are technology solutions available that can ensure that only people who have a legitimate reason to be within a building can get access to that building. Additionally, integrated technology solutions can be used to control who is allowed into specific rooms or areas within a building.

Corserva has the experience to install and manage technology deployment projects for single location buildings as well as large campus environments.


Serviced Apartments

Apartment-hotels and other short-term/long-term serviced apartments need to keep their properties well maintained, ready for a guest’s arrival at a moment’s notice. Making sure that there are no issues with any of the systems within a room or apartment can be challenging when occupancy is not constant. You can increase profitability when the processes involved in managing a property can be made more efficient, such as those for guest changeover.

Corserva can install technology solutions and provide ongoing security monitoring for serviced apartments to prevent property damage due to malfunctioning systems, and to keep all systems well-maintained.

Hospitality IT services

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