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Helping you streamline the installation and integration of your new technology

Leverage our Experience

With two state-of-the-art technical service centers we can execute programs across North America or within a single campus environment. We work with over 800 technology vendors to bring the best products to our clients. Our extensive manufacturer relationships provide our clients with high quality, unbiased product recommendations. We resell all major IT solutions, and our volume and certifications can offer the best pricing. We take direct responsibility for ordering, expediting, configuring, staging, and deploying equipment. You are assured products and services at competitive prices that are delivered on-time and within required day-to-day acquisition planning and support requirements.

Highly Certified and Vendor Agnostic

Some technology products are ready to use right out of the box, but most need to be configured and tested prior to being put into production. It’s important that you work with an integrator such as Corserva that can help you choose the best systems for your needs and integrate everything for you.

Corserva has the facilities, tools, and processes to ensure your investment in new products will function effectively in your environment. Unlike other proprietary solutions, Corserva can integrate systems from multiple vendors of your choosing. We can help you select the best products for your business applications and deliver an integrated solution for you.

Corserva installation services

Effective Deployments

Corserva can manage all steps of your new equipment or software deployment, including receiving equipment, storing, integrating, configuration, asset tracking, logistics, and installation. We work with you collaboratively to determine a schedule for completing each step of the deployment, keeping you informed at every stage. We can orchestrate the rollout of new hardware or software for one location, or manage multi-site, multi-technology projects.

Particularly with large deployments, timing is everything. We have the warehouse space to hold your physical inventory until it is time to make the final delivery and installation. Much of the work before actual installation at your property takes place in our integration centers, which comply with ISO 9001:2008 standards for quality assurance.

What can Corserva install?

TV and display wall mounting
Video wall installation
Digital signage installation
Projection systems installation
Digital signage content creation
Guest room control services
Wifi and network installation
Physical access control installation
Energy management installation and integration
Point of sale installation

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