Smart TVs

Centralized Guest Content and Technology Management

Deliver a Personalized, Content-Rich In-Room Experience

For most hotel guests, the television is the focal point of the hotel room. Guests expect access to a large volume of content, the same as they have at home. Hospitality TVs need to provide easy connectivity to guest devices such as tablets and streaming devices.

At the same time, the guest room TV offers a huge opportunity for hoteliers to sell services available throughout the property. Technology that makes it as convenient as possible for guests to buy or sign up will increase profits.

Hoteliers can promote the brand. Start with pre-built templates or upload your own designs to create a truly brand specific experience.

Smart TV

Benefits of Smart TVs

Deliver personalized messages directly to hotel guests without interrupting them
Enable guests to navigate the self-service, easy-to-use interface
Offer guests easy access to a wide range of services, such as room service, wake-up calls, local destinations, and billing information

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In-Room Controls

Centralized Guest Content and Technology Management

Transform the Hotel Room TV into a Control Hub

With in-room controls, you gain benefits for both your staff and your guests. Intelligent automation enables you to dramatically reduce energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, and create a more luxurious guest experience.

Employees can monitor a room in real-time from a mobile app to check environmental factors such as temperature and potential maintenance issues. You improve staff efficiency by automating processes.

Guests can control the room’s environment directly from the TV. With the easy-to-use interface, guests can request services such as housekeeping and wake-up calls.

Smart TV
Smart TV

Deliver Your Own Customized Content

Hoteliers can program hospitality displays to showcase personalized and customized content. The interface is bi-directional, enabling guests to access their favorite web-based apps and social media directly on the hotel room TV.

These solutions are available today. Best of all, other systems within the hotel room can be integrated and controlled from the TV.

Use In-Room Controls to Increase Profitability

Nearly every industry has been impacted by the Internet of Things (IoT), and hospitality is no exception. By integrating different systems within a guest room, hoteliers can increase profits and improve the guest experience. For example:

Guests can control the room temperature, lights, and window coverings without getting up from bed by using the television remote control
Lights left turned on and faucets left running can be automatically turned off when a guest leaves the room
Hospitality TV

Benefits of In-Room Controls

Increase efficiencies and reduce costs
Maximize guest comfort
Elevate the guest experience
Hotel staff can pre-set room temperatures based on current weather patterns and room position within the hotel
Guests can save their preferred environmental conditions
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In-Room TV Management

Centrally Manage and Deliver World-Class Television and Personal Content

Today’s guests expect a differentiated, luxurious experience that offers the same comfort and convenience they enjoy at home. With in-room entertainment options, property managers can centrally control and display customized content on multiple hospitality TVs.

Provide 5-star entertainment and give your guests more than 100 channels of HD programming directly from the room’s TV.

Eliminate Room Visits for USB Cloning – Control customized content on hundreds of TVs simultaneously from one central location.

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Features of TV Management

Monitor and set TV/Network settings, room information and guest check out
Quickly customize user interfaces to deliver a rich and personalized in-room guest experience
Provide guests with a specialized experience built around their schedules including hotel services, flights information, weather updates and local attractions
Channel integration and management capabilities including customizable interactive program guides
Welcome video channels to deliver relevant information to guests
PMS integrations that provide personalized guest attention such as welcome messages, restaurant reservations, and expedited guest check-out

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