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Your guests expect strong WiFi that is available throughout your property, as soon as they enter your property. More so than any other amenity, bad WiFi is sure to lead to negative guest feedback.

Further challenging hoteliers is that guests are bringing multiple devices per person when they visit, which can add to Internet demands. Today’s guests are bringing everything from smartphones, tablets, and laptops to media streaming sticks. Hotels and resorts need to expand throughput requirements while optimizing traffic to maximize the use of network connections. Proper traffic balancing from WiFi to switch to WAN is essential to providing great guest experiences.

By partnering with Corserva, you can create the personalized guest experience travelers want when they are away from home, while you build brand loyalty and increase revenues.

Cheeca Lodge and Spa case study

Quickly Connect Guests to the Right Amount of WiFi


With wireless solutions from Corserva, you can give your guests a simple and secure wireless experience that reduces frustration and complaints. By automating WiFi network access, you can eliminate the paper slips of passwords.

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Multiple network controllers operate together so that users are not impacted if an equipment failure occurs



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Because reboots are not required during software upgrades, users are not impacted



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“We wanted to enhance the wireless infrastructure of our very expansive beachfront property. Good, strong Wi-Fi is a critical amenity to our guests, both for personal and business use. We found the Corserva team to be attentive to our needs and dedicated to delivering on promises. I highly recommend Corserva.”

Robb Russman

Chief Engineer

Cheeca Lodge & Spa

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Monitoring & Support

Wireless network monitoring

Once you have a strengthened wireless infrastructure, you need to make sure its performance remains optimized. Corserva monitors your network, installing firmware updates when needed, and checking for anomalies. We report back to you on the health and utilization of your network, as well as providing end-user support to your staff if issues arise. When we spot potentially troublesome trends on your network, we can isolate problems quickly before they impact hotel operations.

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